OCHA Raises Alarm on Rising Prices in Haitian Markets

OCHA Raises Alarm on Rising Prices in Haitian Markets
(Rose Hurguelle Point du Jour/Global Press Journal)

In a press release issued today, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has sounded the alarm on the persistent increase in prices in Haitian markets, jeopardizing food security and the well-being of already vulnerable households.

OCHA emphasized that Haitian households are facing growing difficulties in accessing basic food items as well as other essential products. This price hike, according to the humanitarian agency, further exacerbates economic and social precariousness in a country already grappling with multiple challenges.

Reports from the ground indicate that Haitian families are struggling to cope with this surge in prices, leading to widespread food insecurity. Staple items such as rice, beans, cooking oil, and sugar have become unaffordable for many households, thus jeopardizing their access to adequate nutrition.

International observers and humanitarian actors have urged stakeholders to intensify their efforts to mitigate this imminent crisis. “The situation is dire,” they emphasized, warning of the devastating consequences of prolonged inaction on the already vulnerable Haitian population.


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