Gambling sector threatened, SELEH worried

Gambling sector threatened, SELEH worried

In the most energetic, most revolting way, the Union of Employees of the Haitian State Lottery (SELEH) denounces and protests against these criminal and murderous attacks against actors in the gambling sector and Money in Haiti.

These targeted attacks target entrepreneurs and jeopardize many jobs in a country where working is a luxury that the majority of the population cannot afford.

Only during this year:

Some inspectors from different Borlette banks were physically assaulted and stripped of their sales.

Owner of Online Game “PARYAJ PAM” Kidnapped

The main building of the “DEKABÈS” company was looted and burned

The Son of Mosanto Petit alias Toto Borlette has been kidnapped

Eric Jean Baptiste owner of “Father Eternal Loto” was cowardly murdered

These acts of barbarism come at a time when the Haitian State Lottery is trying to modernize the sector and bring all the players together around a single table.

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The SELEH reiterates its request to the Haitian government to do everything possible to protect this sector, which provides employment and hope, and at the same time invites the Director General of the LEH Mr Luc OUANCHE to work with the authorities concerned on a safety of the lives and property of the various players and investors in the sector for which he is the head of regulation.

Jean Hervé Eliscar
Secretary General of SELEH


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