Haiti: Arrival of the Multinational Force Scheduled for February 2024

Haiti: Arrival of the Multinational Force Scheduled for February 2024

In February 2024, a multinational force will be deployed in Haiti to support the National Police in its relentless fight against armed gangs that are plaguing the country. Despite legal challenges, the dispatch of 300 Kenyan agents was confirmed during successful meetings between Haitian and Kenyan authorities.

Last week, Frantz Elbé, the Director of the National Police of Haiti, undertook a crucial trip to Nairobi for in-depth security discussions with Kenyan authorities. This visit marked a significant milestone in international cooperation aimed at curbing the growing threat of armed gangs in Haiti.

The decision to deploy a multinational force was made after a highly strategic meeting with Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry and a multinational security delegation in Port-au-Prince last month. Haitian authorities emphasized the urgency of concerted action to restore order and security in the country, facing a troubling increase in organized crime.

Despite legal challenges, the deployment of the 300 Kenyan agents has been confirmed, highlighting the determination of both nations to closely collaborate in the fight against transnational crime. The precise details of the multinational force’s mission and the duration of its deployment will be announced shortly.

Experts believe that this international collaboration will not only strengthen the capabilities of the National Police of Haiti but will also help curb the rise of armed gangs that have plunged certain regions of the country into a persistent climate of insecurity.


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