Haiti: Kenya agrees to lead multinational force to restore order

Haiti: Kenya agrees to lead multinational force to restore order

Kenya stands out with a historic decision as it accepts to take charge of leading a multinational force in Haiti, aiming to restore order in a country plagued by increasing instability. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Alfred Mutua, announced this initiative in an official statement released this Saturday, marking Kenya’s commitment to supporting Haiti in its quest for normalcy.

This decision comes in response to a request from the Group of Friends of Haiti, seeking to provide support for the major political and security challenges facing the Caribbean nation. Kenya has expressed its willingness to collaborate with other nations to successfully carry out this crucial mission, working towards stability and the restoration of order in Haiti.

It is important to note that the deployment of this multinational force will not proceed without conditions. The statement emphasizes that Kenya will await a mandate from the United Nations Security Council before proceeding with the deployment. This UN approval is a crucial element to ensure a legal and coordinated action in accordance with the international community.

Kenya’s decision to actively support Haiti through this multinational force demonstrates the firm commitment of the African country to stability and peace in the Caribbean region. It also reflects Kenya’s determination to play a leading role in international efforts to address global crises and promote cooperation among nations.

This initiative opens new prospects for collaboration between Kenya and the international community in conflict resolution and peace restoration in troubled areas. By taking the lead of this multinational force, Kenya shows its willingness to actively contribute to Haiti’s stabilization, offering a glimmer of hope for a better future in this troubled region of the world.


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