Kidnapping : American Nurse and Child Among the Victims

Kidnapping : American Nurse and Child Among the Victims

On July 27th, a tragic event occurred near the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, when two American citizens were abducted. Among the victims was 31-year-old Alix Dorsainvil, a nurse from New Hampshire, along with her child whose identity has not been disclosed yet.

So far, the ongoing investigation has not provided any details about the perpetrators of this heinous act or the motives behind the kidnapping.

Alix Dorsainvil was a devoted nurse and a loving mother, dedicated to her role as a caregiver and to her family life. She had been married for several years to Sandro Dorsainvil, the director of the Christian NGO El Roi Haiti, an organization committed to providing humanitarian aid and essential support to the local population.

The Dorsainvil couple, through their work with El Roi Haiti, sought to contribute to Haiti’s vulnerable community, a country that has long struggled with persistent issues of crime and insecurity. In the face of socio-economic and political challenges, humanitarian organizations like El Roi Haiti have played a vital role in bringing valuable assistance and crucial support to communities in need.


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