More than 10 bandits killed during police operations…

More than 10 bandits killed during police operations…

In a partial report presented by the national police on the various operations organized in September and November 2022, the institution confirmed that it had arrested more than 1,500 people, and a dozen bandits died in exchanges of gunfire with the police.

The spokesperson of the police, the divisional inspector Gary Desrosiers presented the partial balance of the police operation that took place from September to November in all the police jurisdictions of the country, during a press conference held on Wednesday, December 7

Several ammunition and a dozen weapons were seized. More than 1,550 arrests have also been made in the course of the last two months.

The office that fights against drug trafficking within the police, for the same period, seized 27,276 kg of marijuana, 1.2 kg of cocaine, 30,165 American dollars and 39,950 gourdes.


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