Tuesday, December 5

Over a 100,000 barrels of petroleum products arrived in Port-au-Prince

On Monday, June 26, 115,000 barrels of petroleum products were delivered to Port-au-Prince out of a total of 261,500 barrels expected, according to the Bureau of Monetization of Development Aid. This delivery, including 80,000 barrels of gasoline out of 146,500 and 80,000 barrels of diesel out of 115,000, brings relief to the population that has been experiencing fuel shortages in recent weeks. The situation is improving, particularly due to increased ease of refueling at gas stations.

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Endless queues and tensions have decreased, providing relief to the residents. Furthermore, the presence of mobile fuel vendors, who typically offer fuel at high prices, has become less visible in the streets of the capital. This decrease indicates a reduction in demand due to the availability of fuel at gas stations. The Bureau of Monetization of Development Aid welcomes this delivery and is collaborating with the authorities to ensure regular and sufficient fuel supply throughout the country.

However, additional efforts are needed to ensure long-term stability. Authorities are working on measures to diversify sources of supply and strengthen the petroleum infrastructure. In conclusion, the arrival of 115,000 barrels of petroleum products in Port-au-Prince represents a significant advancement in fuel supply in Haiti.

The ease of refueling at gas stations has improved, while the reduced presence of mobile fuel vendors indicates a situation on the path to normalization. Nonetheless, continuous measures are required to ensure long-term stability.

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