SELEH Inaugurates Its Brand-New Office

SELEH Inaugurates Its Brand-New Office

The Union of Employees of the Haitian State Lottery (SELEH) inaugurated its brand-new office this Wednesday. The event marks a significant milestone in the history of this organization dedicated to defending workers’ rights within the Haitian State Lottery.

SELEH members gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion. The union’s general secretary, Mr. Hervé Eliscar, delivered an inspiring speech during the ceremony, emphasizing SELEH’s commitment to protecting and promoting employees’ interests without any discrimination.

With this new, modern, and functional workspace, SELEH demonstrates its dedication to strengthening solidarity and unity among employees. These collective values are essential for achieving the union’s common goals, as it strives to foster constructive dialogue between workers and the administration.

The inauguration ceremony took place in an atmosphere filled with optimism, signaling a promising future for SELEH and its members. The new office represents a significant step towards creating a more favorable working environment for LEH employees. With this milestone achieved, SELEH continues to work resolutely to defend the rights and interests of all employees, ensuring a strong and united voice for the personnel of the Haitian State Lottery.

“SELEH” is indeed an acronym in French, and it stands for “Syndicat des Employés de la Loterie de l’État Haïtien” which translates to “Union of Employees of the Haitian State Lottery” in English.


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