Monday, December 4

Gang “400 MAWOZO”: Terror in Ganthier

The town of Bonnet, located in Ganthier, is experiencing an unprecedented wave of terror. Armed men, who identify themselves as members of the notorious gang “400 MAWOZO,” are spreading violence and destruction throughout the region.

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These ruthless criminals have no qualms about taking innocent lives and reducing the residents’ homes to ashes. The situation is so dire that many residents have been forced to seek refuge in Fond Parisien. Unfortunately, the lack of police presence in the area has left the vulnerable and desperate communities unprotected.

For several weeks now, the people of Bonnet have been living in constant fear of further attacks from the “400 MAWOZO” gang. These armed men operate with extreme brutality, showing no regard for human life and instilling terror in the region. The once peaceful residents are now trapped in a cycle of violence that has resulted in numerous loss of lives and extensive property damage.

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