Tuesday, December 5

Successful rescue operation: 3 kidnapped girls regain their freedom in Tabarre

The Central Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ) orchestrated a heroic and successful operation over the past weekend, leading to the liberation of three young girls who had been violently abducted by an armed gang. This daring mission not only resulted in the restoration of freedom for the young victims but also eliminated a significant criminal threat.

The scene of the incident was located in Tabarre 36, where the kidnappers had held the three young girls hostage in an unfinished building. The situation was critical, causing distress among families and putting the community under extreme pressure. Fortunately, the DCPJ reacted promptly and effectively to put an end to this heinous act.

During the operation, one presumed member of the kidnappers was neutralized, while two others were wounded. Law enforcement acted with a constant concern for preserving the lives of the victims while incapacitating the kidnappers.

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