Monday, December 4

BRH: Ronald Gabriel Appointed as New Governor

Haiti’s financial landscape is undergoing a significant change with the appointment of Ronald Gabriel as the head of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH). This decision was made during an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers held this Sunday. Jean Baden Dubois now relinquishes his position to Ronald Gabriel, while Mathieu Fortunat, an experienced professional in the bank, is named General Director.

Ronald Gabriel, a seasoned economist, has a wealth of experience in the financial sector accumulated over the years. His appointment as Governor of the BRH is seen as a mark of confidence in his abilities to address the current economic challenges of the country.

The BRH plays a central role in Haiti’s economic stability by ensuring the regulation of the financial system, managing monetary reserves, and implementing monetary policies aimed at promoting economic growth and stability.

The new Governor’s mission is to navigate a complex economic environment and address challenges related to inflation, the depreciation of the national currency, and pressure on foreign exchange reserves. The Haitian financial landscape is in a state of evolution, with Ronald Gabriel at the helm.

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