Saturday, December 2

The company “ANN PARYE” is not recognized by the Haitian government

The Haitian State Lottery held a press conference on July 4th to inform the public that the sports betting company known as “100% Jwèt paw (ANN PARYE)” is no longer authorized to operate in the national territory. According to the Director of Regional Offices, Rolex Pierre, the company “ANN PARYE” is not recognized by the state through the Haitian State Lottery.

He strongly advised sports betting enthusiasts not to engage with this company, as in case of disputes, the state will have difficulty intervening to resolve the situation. Rolex Pierre emphasized that the company operates completely illegally since it does not hold any contract from the regulatory authority.

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This lack of official recognition questions the legitimacy and reliability of the activities of the company “ANN PARYE.” The Haitian State Lottery is the organization responsible for regulating and supervising gambling activities in Haiti.

Its role is to ensure transparency, fairness, and legality in games of chance in the country. Any sports betting company wishing to operate in Haiti must obtain approval and a contract from the regulatory authority to conduct its activities legally.

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