Saturday, December 2

The IMF is satisfied with the Haitian reforms at the level of public finances

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave a thumbs up to the Haitian authorities by approving on May 30, the last review of the Staff monitoring program (SMP) started since June 2022.

Indeed, in a press release dated June 15, the IMF welcomed the important reforms adopted by Haitian leaders within the framework of the SMP during which they demonstrated a firm commitment, and this despite an internal environment and exterior very difficult.

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It’s been ages since Haiti passed with such brilliance the IMF’s macroeconomic and financial reviews.

The reforms of the Haitian authorities relate to governance and the fight against corruption, tax and tax administration, public financial management (including budget preparation and execution), autonomy and governance of the bank center and the fight against money laundering.

“All these reforms have improved the transparency of public expenditure and the financial sector and helped maintain macroeconomic stability,” said the IMF press release, which applauds the adoption of the 2023 budget by the Haitian authorities.

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