The MENFP strongly condemns the kidnapping of its employees and denounces the climate of fear and the attacks against

The MENFP strongly condemns the kidnapping of its employees and denounces the climate of fear and the attacks against

Once again, the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) raises its voice to denounce and condemn the attacks and threats that continue to be made against schools and ministry offices throughout the country.

These acts took on another dimension with the kidnapping of 6 employees of the MENFP payment service and the director general of ONAPE, this Sunday, September 25 in Port-au-Prince. These employees were mobilized, on a Sunday, to provide public service for the payment of teachers in the public school network in the West. Fortunately, three of them managed to escape with the support of the Haitian National Police. The MENFP urgently demands the release of its employees, public servants working on a Sunday for the benefit of our teachers.

The Ministry of National Education expresses its deep concern at a deleterious situation in constant progression where threats are constantly increasing against schools, school principals, ministry offices and other support institutions. The deterioration of the security climate and the difficulty for MENFP employees to go to their workplaces and provide their services on a daily basis can have serious consequences on all planning for the start of the school year and the measures to facilitate the start of the school year, fixed to October 3.

Thus, the MENFP renews its appeal to the population, to the educational community, in order to protect schools which are the workplace of teachers and children for the preparation of their future. “There is no future without education, and there is no country without schools and without education”. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the schools and ministry offices that will help do this work for the benefit of all.

The MENFP wishes to recall that about thirty schools were attacked. This has led to many losses of materials such as computers, books, school supplies, desks, benches, archives and others intended to serve children and provide food in schools. Not to mention, in addition, the looting of food reserves in other national and international organizations to supply services in school canteens. This is an opportunity for the ministry to present, once again, its sympathy to all the victims of looting and aggression in schools as well as to those responsible for food depots intended for school canteens.

Together, let’s stand shoulder to shoulder to protect our schools. It is our responsibility to all in the interest of our children and society !


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