UN Security Council prepares measures against violence in Haiti

UN Security Council prepares measures against violence in Haiti
Members of the Haitian National Police patrol a street as ongoing gun battles between rival gangs have forced residents to flee their homes, in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti April 28, 2022. REUTERS/Ralph Tedy Erol

The UN Security Council will urgently prepare a set of measures, which will probably include sanctions, to respond to the serious wave of violence that armed gangs have unleashed in Haiti.

The United States and Mexico, the two countries that lead the “Haitian file” in the Security Council, announced on Monday that they were preparing a draft resolution for this purpose, which they plan to distribute to the rest of the member states of here a few days.

“We cannot wait for something worse to happen. There is an urgent need for the Security Council and the international community to take additional measures,” said Mexican Ambassador Juan Ramón de la Fuente.

The diplomat stressed that “the level of violence recorded in recent days is truly alarming” and considered that the international response should focus, first and foremost, on the security situation.

Along the same lines, the United States stressed that Haitians “need security” and denounced that gangs create a highly volatile situation that requires a response.
Although neither Mexico nor the United States has advanced what they would propose in the resolution beyond the need to increase support for Haitian police, several countries have already demanded concrete actions, including China.


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