Tuesday, December 5

Women’s World Cup: the list of players published

The Haitian Football Federation today published a list of 25 Players including 4 Goalkeepers, 8 Defenders, 7 Midfielders and 6 Attackers for the Grenadières preparation camp for the World Cup.

Very limited number of players for a preparation camp if we take into account the risk of injury during a match. On June 20, the federation must submit to FIFA a pre-list with a minimum of 35 players and up to 55 players. We hope that this pre-list will be published for the general public.

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Small comparison for men, the National coach summoned 28 players to prepare for the Gold Cup before reducing his list to 23 just before the start of the competition.

Note that the federation will receive a total of 2,528,750.00 US dollars for the participation of the Grenadières in the World Cup.

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