Monday, December 4

APP calls on government to make gasoline available at pumps

While union associations of public transport are launching a strike to force the government to reverse its decision to increase the price of fuel at the pump on the national market, the Association of Petroleum Professionals is in favor of this government decision.

The APP urges the competent authorities to make gasoline available at pumps. To report, Varreux was, during the past weekend, the scene of confrontation between police officers and armed groups led by Jimmy Chérisier dit Barbecue, the latter who refuse to free the passage for the supply of tank trucks.

Petrol pumps no longer work, especially in Port-au-Prince and its surroundings. Gallons of gasoline in reserve are sold informally for up to 2,500 gourdes by individuals who have already stored this product long before the turbulence.

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