Monday, December 4

Insignificant decrease in fuel prices in Haiti

The recent announcement by the Haitian government regarding a slight decrease in petroleum product prices has been met with disappointment by the population. The previous prices for gasoline were 570 Gourdes, 670 Gourdes for diesel, and 665 Gourdes for kerosene.

Unfortunately, the new prices only reflect a minimal decrease: gasoline will be sold at 560 Gourdes, a reduction of only 10 Gourdes, while diesel will be offered at 620 Gourdes, a decrease of 50 Gourdes. As for kerosene, it will be sold at 615 Gourdes, also a decrease of 50 Gourdes.

For the Haitian population already facing considerable economic difficulties, this insignificant decrease in gasoline prices is perceived as a lack of effort on the part of the government to alleviate the financial burden on households.

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