Theophotography: Capturing Beauty, Inspiring Pride, and Connecting Communities

Theophotography: Capturing Beauty, Inspiring Pride, and Connecting Communities

  1. Tell us about Theophotography.

Théo Photography is a sole proprietorship registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry since 2018. Represented by John Mitchel Théodore as CEO and Photographer, the company specializes in professional photography for weddings, portraits, fashion, and corporate photography.

With a strong experience in the field, Théo Photography has worked with many renowned companies such as OFATMA, CEDEL HAÏTI, and FONKOZE, offering high-quality professional photography services. The company has built a solid reputation for its ability to capture the most important moments authentically and artistically, focusing on the emotions, beauty, and personality of the subjects being photographed.

In terms of corporate photography, Théo Photography is capable of providing high-quality images for websites, brochures, online publications, and official documents. The images captured by the company allow businesses to showcase their work and highlight their products or services professionally.

For weddings, portraits, and fashion photo shoots, Théo Photography uses a creative and personalized approach, working with each client to understand their needs and preferences. The company is passionate about creating images that reflect the essence of each person or event being photographed, using modern techniques to create timeless images.

In summary, Théo Photography is a high-quality professional photography company, led by an experienced and passionate photographer, offering a variety of services for weddings, portraits, fashion, and corporate photography. With an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients, the company constantly strives to deliver exceptional quality images and unparalleled customer service.

  1. What is the new project?

The new project is an online store specifically designed for Haitians worldwide, called THÉO GALLERY EXPO. We created this with love and passion for our dear country, Haiti. We are driven by the desire to bring hope and reignite the patriotic flame in the hearts of our scattered community around the world.

Our online store offers personalized accessories with authentic and creative photographs, capturing the beauty of our island. We want every Haitian to carry a piece of our beloved homeland, even if they are thousands of kilometers away.

We have worked hard to create unique and original designs for our products. We understand that for many of us, living far from our native country is difficult. We feel a certain melancholy for our land, our traditions, and our culture. That’s why we created this online store, so that you can have a tangible memento of our beautiful Haiti, so that you can feel a little closer to home no matter where you are in the world.

We take pride in our heritage, and we want every Haitian to be proud of their roots. We hope that THÉO GALLERY EXPO will bring you some comfort and remind you of the beauty of our beloved country.

  1. What is your goal with this project?

The goal of this project is to remind Haitians worldwide that there is another Haiti beyond what they see in the news, using photography as a channel and means of communication to raise awareness among the sons and daughters of this beautiful country. We believe that photography is a powerful medium for conveying emotions and telling stories, and it is also a tool for learning.

We want to capture the beauty of Haiti through authentic and creative photographs, and use these images to evoke a sense of pride and love for our country in the hearts of our scattered community. We want to show through these images that despite the difficulties and challenges we face, there is still much beauty and potential in our country.

By encouraging our community to remember the beauty of Haiti and to be proud of their roots, we hope to inspire a new generation of leaders and visionaries who will seek to make a positive difference in our country.

  1. Do you have teams or supporters?

I have wonderful people who have been there from the very beginning when I talked to them about the project, especially Farens Ricardo SENATUS and Stanley-Cliff BAZELAIS, friends, brothers, gifts that photography has given me. They have helped me a lot in setting up the payment process for the website, as you know that the constraints related to Haiti’s banking system significantly limit the maneuvering space of online businesses.

Nephtalie CAZEAU, my girlfriend, Zinedine CHARLEMAGNE, and Sybille Bertulie ABEILLE, very good friends, have always been present, despite their busy schedules, to give me advice and help with the necessary tests for the smooth functioning of the store. There are also unconditional supporters who believed in me and accepted to be the first to order from the store. I sincerely thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart.

  1. How can one really access the site and make a purchase?

You can access the store by typing WWW.THEOGALLERYEXPO.COM. You can also find the store on Théo Photography’s Instagram and Facebook page. The purchasing process is very simple and secure. Anyone with a debit or credit card can order the items of their choice. We use international carriers such as DHL, FedEx, USPS, to ship your items, to name a few.

  1. Which countries is it available in and at what time?

The store is available worldwide, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A person residing in Haiti can also place an order and have it delivered to the address provided during the purchase.

  1. Why choose such a project and in such a period?

If others are an extension of ourselves in another life experience, then I thought, why not share my glimmer of hope with others so that they themselves can inspire, innovate, and hope for a better tomorrow.

I recently went through a very difficult period in my life where I had to leave all my activities to go to the Dominican Republic, fleeing gang violence. I was also affected by the significant decline in the events sector. I had the option to leave the country permanently, but I kept thinking, if not me, then who? I felt like I had failed my mission. I wondered what I could do to not only overcome my depression but also to stay alive despite everything. I had started building a showcase website dedicated to Théo Photography. Then the idea came to me to do something else, something broader and more innovative.

I know many people who cherish Haiti more than anything but are forced to leave the country. It was necessary to find a way to fuel the flame of this love even from a distance. Through memories, unique moments, it’s far from enough, but if each of us contributes our part to rebuilding the image of our country, I firmly believe that in the near future, we will be able to regain our place on the global scale in terms of tourism.

  1. What do you think of young photographers?

I think young Haitian photographers are very talented and creative. They have the ability to capture the beauty and richness of Haitian culture through their lenses. I have had the opportunity to work with some of them, and I have been impressed by how they manage to tell stories through their photographs.

Young Haitian photographers also have a unique perspective on the challenges our country faces, and their work can contribute to raising awareness among the public about these important issues. They are passionate about their craft and work hard to improve their

skills and push the boundaries of photography in Haiti.

It is important to support young Haitian photographers and provide them with a platform to share their work with the world. Their photographs can help change the public’s perception of Haiti and showcase the beauty of our country. I am confident that young Haitian photographers have a bright future ahead of them and can play an important role in building a better future for Haiti.

  1. Do you have any advice for the public?

If you want to own unique and original personalized accessories that reflect your love and pride for your beloved country, Haiti, THÉO GALLERY EXPO is your best choice because you will find quality and authenticity in one place. Don’t hesitate to place your orders to stay connected to your scattered community, wearing accessories specially designed for you wherever you are in the world. Remember, Haiti will continue to live in our hearts wherever we may be.

For Haitians living in Haiti, stay alert and create every possible means to continue doing what you love.

  1. What more can we expect from Theophotography?

For now, Théo Photography will focus on customer feedback and offer other more interesting items than those already available in the store. I also promise the printed version of my book, “Combattons les Clichés par les Clichés” (Fighting Stereotypes with Stereotypes), which is already available in digital format on the store.


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