Summit of the Americas: Haiti hopes for concrete actions

Summit of the Americas: Haiti hopes for concrete actions

Haiti “optimistically” awaits the benefits of the Summit of the Americas, held this week in Los Angeles (United States), Prime Minister Ariel Henry said today.

“We look forward with some optimism to the benefits for Haiti in many areas,” said Henry at a press conference, who described his stay in the United States for this meeting as “laborious and enriching.”

The summit “was an opportunity to discuss with our friends in the hemisphere the problems of insecurity facing our country,” said the head of government.

“I realized that almost all of these countries were perfectly aware of the situation in our country,” he added.

These nations “made a request for support to our country to end this scourge and paved the way for our institutions to return to normal operation through credible elections,” he said.

Therefore, the balance of Haitian participation in this summit “has been generally positive in terms of the activities carried out at the summit and outside of it,” according to Henry.

In his speech on Friday, Henry called for combating the problems that are pushing Haitians to emigrate, a crisis that affects the entire continent.

At the same time, he recalled the factors that have fueled the current crisis that the Caribbean country is going through, citing the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, in July 2021, the devastating earthquake of August 2021, and the rise of armed gangs, which ” They kill, rape, kidnap and deny the free movement of people”.

During the summit, the prime minister held several meetings, multilateral and bilateral.


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